3D Printing

3D printing allows for rapid prototyping and onsite manufacturing of products. Initially done with plastic, 3D printing now uses new techniques with new materials, such as aluminium, bronze, and glass. Biomaterials are also being incorporated, such as 3D printing ear cartilage and liver tissue. As the 3D printing industry grows, 3D printing will become a big part of many engineering fields.


Product Developed using 3D Printer

These are the following product developed by using 3D Printing Technology

PCB Manufacturing Lab

This PCB Design lab mainly includes equipment PCB prototyping and machines to produce multi layer plated-through Printed circuit boards (PCBs), to insert leaded and surface mounted devices.In this PCB design  lab consist of following machines.

  1. SMT Pick & Place machine
  2. SMT Reflow Oven
  3. Stencil printer
  4. PCB prototyping Machine

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting machine is a type of digital manufacturing technique known as “subtractive”. It uses a large amount of energy generated by a laser, concentrated on a very small area, in order to cut or engrave a material. There is a broad range of materials that can be cut with a laser: wood, plastic, cardboard, textile.



The Lab, available for student project work, contains a range of electronic and mechanical tools for the construction and testing of electronic systems including packaging into instrument cases or equipment racks.