1. Complete Indian Patent has been published on “System for building, customizing software and hardware interfaces of smart phone uses Raspberry Pi” via Application No: 249/DEL/2015, CBR No. 1206.
  2.  Complete Indian patent was filed on “Soil multi parameters, remote monitoring & alerting system-Using Intel Galileo Gen-2” Application No: 156/DEL/2015, CBR No. 1227.
  3. A provisional patent has been filed on “Aqua-parameters monitoring and controlling” with application number: 201611017103
  4. Ankita Gulati, M. Balakrishnan AND DR. SRN Reddy, Filed A Provisional Indian Patent on “Multimodal interaction system & method for visually impaired” Application No.-201611016353.
  5. Smart food ProWaC (Processing, Washing, Cooking) for household applications
  6. CARE Protocol: Context Aware & Resource Efficient Protocol framework for IoT application
  7. STELA: Smart Teaching, Education, Learning Assessment Framework with a Practical Approach.
  8. Smart Education Kit: A Platform for Teaching, Learning, Assessment for Selected Electronic Subject

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