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Call for Innovations in the form of Abstracts

We solicit high quality research innovations and product designs in the form abstracts  for Presentation, Demo,  Paper or Poster Presentation depending on the abstract. Organizers will select some quality abstract of the best works either for poster presentation or talk. Submitted works should be by and large be related to one of the focus areas of research across the various Field.

Research Areas:

  • IoT
  • Industry 4.0
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Product Design
  • Mobile application development
  • FMS
  • Cloud computing



  • Policy on Plagiarism : Maximum 10% plagiarism is allowed in the paper.
  • Templates : Please refer https://www.ieee.org/conferences/publishing/templates.html and download A4 (DOC, 30 KB) template and make paper according to that.
  • Paper Format:
    1. Number of Pages:Papers should not exceed 6 pages, including figures, tables and references (up to two additional pages will be permitted for a total of 8 pages) in a paper.
    2. File Format:PDF only
    3. Abstract:It is important that the abstract be a meaningful description of your paper.
    4. Keywords: Choose from three to eight keywords.
    5. Colour: Use of colour is encouraged, but since readers will usually print the papers in black and white, it is the author’s responsibility to ensure that all figures/plots can be printed in coloured format.

Paper Template : Template


The poster templates are designed to give innovators a consistently formatted starting point for their posters to streamline the design process. Students can adjust the layout of the text and images to fit their needs. The two columns in the middle panel may be merged. To ensure an integrated visual identity at this public event, compliance with the required elements of the poster templates is expected. The following criteria for the poster templates must be met:

  • Poster size: 48" x 36" ,This size meets the requirements for most national conferences and works within the parameters of Technology Services' large-format printers. It is also large enough to display nearly all elements in the most complex presentations.
  • Poster Section: There are no hard-and-fast rules for the sections in a poster.
  • Fonts :Titles should be large enough to be read from 10-15 feet. Captions should be clear at 4 feet. Text should be justified. Use italics or bold for emphasis. Do not underline or use all caps.
  • Working with Images:Most images will be about 8" x 10” when your poster is printed full-size. No image should be smaller than 5" x 7”. Most printing glitches are the result of incorrect image files.
  • Graphs, Charts and Tables: While it is possible to create graphs and charts directly within PowerPoint, the process is restrictive and quirky. Use Excel to create graphs and charts.

Poster Template : Template

Paper Submission

(Click here for Paper Submission)

Project Showcase

The Innovation Challenge is an opportunity to showcase your research and development efforts to the world. You will have to present your work to public as well as before jury. The work which you would present should match the below mentioned themes. Your project work should make a strong practical impact on either of these below-mentioned areas, which you will demonstrate in the form of a working model

A Certificate & Prizes will be given based on the presentation skills and innovative idea present in your work in Poster & Project Showcase.


  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Its Application
  • Industry 4.0
  • Artificial Innovation in Different Application
  • Innovations in education etc

Project Showcase Guidelines

  • Teams are required to have at least one student at their booth on 10th May 2020 from 02:45 pm to 03:15 pm.
  • Teams will be allowed to setup their booth on 10th May 2020.
  • Up to 50 teams will be given a booth to showcase their project idea. Each team can have maximum of 3 members.
  • The project must be innovative and original system (both hardware & software).
  • We will provide one table, chair and extension board for each team.
  • A Certificate will be given based on the presentation skills and innovative idea present in your work.
  • Best project will be awarded.

Important Dates

  • Last Date for Paper/Poster submission:  5th  April 2020
  • Acceptance Notification: 12th  April 2020
  • Final Submission and Registration:20th April 2020
Details Guidelines : Downloads here
If you have any query related paper registration,write a email on rc.igdtuw2020@gmail.com


Research Conclave-2020

Industry 4.0,IoT & Its Applications-2020

7th  -10th  May 2020

Venue- IGDTUW,Delhi

Latest Announcements
  • Registrations for Research conclave is open CLICK HERE
  • Registrations for Conclave Sponsorship is open CLICK HERE
  • Paper/Poster Submission is open CLICK HERE
  • Notification for acceptance of abstract and link for the payment of registration fee will be active after April 15th , 2020
Important Dates
  • Last Date for Poster submission:  10th  April 2020
  • Acceptance Notification: 15th  April 2020
  • Final Submission and Registration:20th April 2020
  • Research Conclave dates: 7th  -10th  May 2020

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