This is a course offered in the third semester to (Mobile and pervasive computing, CSE) students who has basic understanding of hardware and software design. The primary objective of this course is to educate students about how to make their own smart device. This course is taught using practical approach with a kit (My smartphone kit) designed and developed by Dr SRN Reddy (PI) and the team, a patent filed as, “A system for building, customizing software and hardware interfaces of smart phone using Raspberry Pi, IGDTUW Transferred/ Licensed the Technology to the TRINITY Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. The Kit can be used as a Linux PC to experiment the theoretical concepts practically in real environment. It provides the freedom for Hardware interfaces, building the customizable OS and integrating the applications with the H/W and OS as a complete system solution. Class projects focusing on design and development of various smart device for different type of applications