In this project we are focusing on building a cost efficient, less time consuming, precise and efficient Face Recognition system to mark attendance of multiple individuals at the same time. Rather than marking attendance of each and every student a professor can simply capture 5-10 seconds real time video of the students using Upastithi and their attendance will be marked automatically. Designed solely to serve image and video processing applications. Tagging objects in a video using user defined templates and region of interest identification. Can be used to make videos more informative for presentations or social media sharing


AquaSense is a remote water quality monitoring framework which can be deployed in fish farms in rural areas. This framework provides facility for remote monitoring of water-parameters such as water pH, water temperature and water dissolved oxygen levels, storage and analysis of these parameters at remote server and sending alerts to the farmers whenever water parameters deviates from the threshold.


The design and development of wireless soil Multiparameter remote monitoring and alerting system includes all  weather compatible, compact, solar powered standalone, multimode and multifunction system that integrates multiple soil sensing elements required for precision agriculture. The system design also includes features such as real-time data logging facility for storing and retrieving various soil parameters and also has provision for setting schedules of soil data acquisition. The system analyses the sensed information locally as well as at remotely stationed Data Analytic Engine (DAE) at server end. The DAE alerts the user with in critical conditions on their mobile phones using wireless infrastructure


The motivation of project work is to develop a educational tablet that can be used for learning in easy way . The designing of tablet is done in a way to make it more cheap as we have used Raspberry pi as the computing platform . On the tablet we will develop applications for education purpose for different grades of students . In proposed work a genuine effort is taken to design and develop a smart tablet device that consumes very less power, portable, easy to use and affordable to cover wide areas of consumers.


In project work, we aim to diagnose Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) in new-born babies. This CHD in neonates is identified early by symptoms as changes in oxygen level, heart rate and respiratory rate. By monitoring these symptoms, CHD in neonates is detected in early stage. The designed WBAN environment is three-tier architecture. This three-tier architecture is comprised with entities as body sensor, hub (mobile phone), base station and diagnosing server.