“ITRA- Human Sense: towards context aware sensing, inference and actuation for  application in Energy and healthcare.”

ITRA is designed to produce a large numbers of IT researchers who are well  equipped with the latest IT knowledge, educated in relating classroom knowledge to developing solutions, trained to spot problems amenable to IT solutions, motivated to identify societal problems in IT and other domains, and exposed to mechanisms for converting lab solutions to working prototypes. *Click here to download Closure Report



Consider a world where every human is empowered with information that helps her (and therefore eventually the whole ecosystem) in making optimal use of available resources. Such a vision can be realized using recent technology advancements, in low cost and pervasive sensing, on-device and cloud computation, and ubiquitous communication, allowing for collection of individual-specific data about her activities and the corresponding context in which these activities are performed, which can be environmental, social, economic, cultural and educational, among others. The HumanSense project proposes to monitor and adapt to individual and context specific requirements to enable systemic studies, thus paving the way for data-driven research to deliver public goods. It will build upon proven technologies and platforms, while exploiting the research and field deployment capabilities of the team, collaborators and advisory board members. Wider participation and long term sustainability will be ensured through open dissemination of collected data and project outcomes.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Pushpender singh
Associate Professor & Associate Dean (IRD)
                      Department of CSE, IIIT-Delhi                         PhD, Inria-Rennes, Université de Rennes 1, France, November 2004.
Debopam Acharya
Dr. Debopam Acharya
Assistant Professor & Head of Department
Department of CSE, School of Engineering, Shiv Nadar University, Gautan Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh


Prof. SRN Reddy
              Professor & Dean Examination Affairs                                  CSE deptartment,  IGDTUW, Delhi                               PhD, Embedded Systems Design, JNU                    New Delhi, 2009

Project Staff

Pawan Kumar

  Designation: Research Scholar                                                                                                              Qualification: PhD Pursuing                                                                                                                Experience: More than 10 years of experience Industry & Acadmics                                                                    Area of Interest: Wireless sensor network, embedded system, Interprocess communication systems          and Linux device drivers


Designation: Research Scholar                                                                                                           Qualification: PhD Pursuing (ECE), M.Tech (Mobile & pervasive computing), B.Tech (ECE)                      Experience: 4 years in Research & Education Industry                                                                                           Area of Interest: Wireless Sensor Network, Internet of Things,  Embedded Systems

Zeenat Shareef

 Designation: Research Scholar                                                                                                           Qualification: PhD Pursuing (ECE), M.Tech (Mobile & pervasive computing), B.Tech (ECE)                     Experience: 3 years in Research & Education Industry                                                                                         Area of Interest: Internet of Things, Embedded Systems and Mobile Computing


Home Automation

*Developed under ITRA , than undertaken by ETI Labs.

Remote Health Care

*Initially developed by ITRA then supported by DIC

Aqua Sense

*Initially developed by ITRA then supported by DIC

Research Activities

Professional Activities:

  1. Organized Hackathons on the topics “Home Automation” and “Campus Monitoring System” in collaboration with Intel during the techfest “INNERVE” of IGDTUW.
  2. Organized Research Showcase 2016 for B.Tech and M.Tech students for providing them a platform to showcase their minor, major and dissertation projects to industry and academia.
  3. Organized National Conference on Product Design 2016 which was held in MSRIT, Bengaluru in collaboration with Microsoft, Intel and other collaborators from academia and industry.
  4. Organised six weeks Summer Training Programme VIII on “Build your own IOT Devices” in IGDTUW.

Awards and Honours:

  1. Dr. SRN Reddy, Assoc Prof. was awarded for Promoting Technologies for Higher Education and Fostering an Inclusive and Innovative Education in India by the Vice President, Intel.
  2. Manasi Mishra, Dr.SRN Reddy won second prize for M.Tech Dissertation 2016 held at IGDTUW.
  3. Zeenat Shareef, Dr.SRN Reddy won first prize in National Conference on Product Design 2016 sponsored by Microsoft and Intel held in MSRIT Bangalore, for the project “IOT Based Framework for Aquaculture”.
  4. Mr Sanjay Kumar (Research Associate), Ms. Zeenat Shareef (PhD Scholar), Dr.SRN Reddy won First position at Research Showcase held at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women. Cash award was presented by Mr.Manish Sisodia, Dy.C.M Delhi

Pilot Survey/User Interaction:

  1. Survey was conducted with aquaculture farmers at Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh regarding their current practices and requirements for the project “IOT Based Framework for Aquaculture” and frequency analysis was performed on the same.
  2. Visit to Aquaculture Department in Undi, Andhra Pradesh for real time user interaction and feedback for “Aquaculture Project”.
  3. Visit to RML Hospital, Delhi to analyse the real-time scenarios and people need. Survey analysis of prototyped node of healthcare with frequency statistics results for Remote Healthcare Project.
  4. Visit to IARI, Delhi and KVK, Undi to interact with the agriculture scientists and survey about the problems, the crops and requirements for “Agriculture Project”.
  5. Survey of the project “Home Automation” was conducted to identify the challenges and research gaps.

Recent Publications:

  1. Sonal, SRN Reddy and Dinesh Kumar “Review of Smart Health Monitoring Approaches with Survey Analysis and Proposed Framework” (IoT-4553-2018.R1) IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Indexing SCIE, Scopus, etc. - Accepted
  2. Zeenat Shareef,SRN Reddy, “ WSN for Aquaculture”, Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart environment- Accepted.

Other Activities:

  1. Invited by Niti Aayog and Intel to judge the projects of Schools for Atal Tinkering Labs for setting up IoT Centres in these schools.
  2. Invited by Niti Aayog and Intel to develop an Operation Manual for Tinkering Labs for the selected schools.
  3. Presented student projects in Delhi Pavilion during India International Trade Fair 2016.
  4. Dr. SRN Reddy presented the project Home Automation at NASSCOM 2016 at Banagalore in October 2016.