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Project Title : A Smart Parking System
Team Members: Ashima Goel,Neha Lilani,Simaran Gupta,Aakriti Rustogi
Objective: We propose to develop a smart car parking system in such a way that each vehicle gets a dedicated slot in their buildings’ Parking area so that there are no fights for parking slots.It will also have an anti theft security system.

Project Title : Virtual Hand Talk
Team Members: Trishaala, Veena , Jyotsna
Objective: Technology has always been of great help to the disabled and given them a helping hand to allow them to live a normal and healthy life like others. Our main objective is to use embedded system to make a glove needs to be worn on the hand by the needy and depending on the variation of the movements the device will convert it intelligently into beep (can be voice too) and in a text. This message will be out from the beeper and LCD display.

Project Title : Intutive Lamp
Team Members: Nancy Gupta,Kinshu Kumar
Objective: To design an elegant lamp that is automated according to user needs and can sense the surrounding environment to respond accordingly. Our objective is to make the lamp function like a friendly assistant apart from working as a lamp

Project Title : Smart Parking and anti theft system
Team Members: Kushagra Dixit-A. Shrikant
Objective: To Build a simple and effective smart solution for the existing problem of Parking and automobile theft. Smart Parking and Anti-Theft system is an IOT device which is capable of providing a safe option for automobile parking. This product can be installed in front of any parking spot.

Project Title : Smart Alchohal Detection
Team Members: Muskan Jain, Ritajya Gupta, Siddharth Chamoli
Objective: To install an alcohol detection device which detects alcohol and can prevent the driver from starting the vehicle The sensor module mounted on or near the steering wheel detects the presence of alcohol in the surroundings. If the presence of alcohol is detected in the surroundings or in this case in the system of the person in front of the steering wheel, the battery power of the vehicle is shut down. The only way to override this system is to physically blow on the sensor, and the car will start only when the reading is below the safe level.

Project Title : Smart Whelie
Team Members: Lipika Rustagi, Pragya Choudhary, Shinjini Biswas, Arundhati Chaudhari
Objective: To develop a smart shuttle system which would make transportation within a particular range, generally not too large, easier and efficient. This will be designed in such a way that the transportation would be energy efficient, require minimum manual effort and would use the latest smart techniques in order to make travelling process much easier. To target buyers of competing vehicles and make current owners purchase a smarter vehicle.

Project Title : SenseKid
Team Members: Astha Singh, Ankita Rustagi, Anjali Kain, Mansi Tripathi
Objective: Device to help blind person to detect obstacles by using ultrasonic sensor device will alert the person if any obstacle is there.

Project Title : Blue Wave
Team Members: Ria Katoch,Prachi Mahajan, Dikshika Arya,
Objective: A Communicator for Visually impaired using Bluetooth and espeak.

Project Title : Go Play
Team Members: Soumya Gupta, Gursift Kaur,Kirti Dhir, Tanya Saini
Objective: App for differently abled people to play a video, zoom in or zoom out an image by making sound.

Project Title : My CNS
Team Members: Chitra Bhaghel, Manju Soreng, Nikita Mohan, Yashika Kashyap,
Objective: Optimize Raspberry Pi Kernel for specific app.

Project Title : Intelligent agriculture system
Team Members: Mrinaal Malhotra, pallavi Pandey, Nisha Kumari                                                                      Objective: Storing environmental data onto database by using moisture, temperature and humidity sensor

Project Title : AgroKit(Crop protection & Location detection)
Team Members: Ashita Diwan, Sonali Agarwal,Vidit Tyagi, Preeti Goyal, Mohini Agarwal                                            Objective: Device to protect crop from intruders such as animals using motion sensors

Project Title : Agro-Pi
Team Members: Neha Pooja Dahiya, Himani Garg, Arvind Sharma                                                                                     Objective: Device to monitor crop affecting environmental parameters like temp, humidity, soil moisture

Project Title : BOOZO- The Fire Detect
Team Members: Fatima Rafiqui, Paridhi Passi, Apurva Chawla    Objective: Fire detection and alert system

Project Title : Agro-Pi
Team Members: Neha Pooja Dahiya, Himani Garg, Arvind          Objective: Device to monitor crop affecting environmental parameters like temp, humidity, soil moisture

Project Title : BOOZO- The Fire Detect
Team Members: Fatima Rafiqui, Paridhi Passi, Apurva Chawla    Objective: Fire detection and alert system

Project Title : A Smart Refrigerator
Team Members: Nikita Joshi and Jaspreet Kaur
Objective: A refrigerator that checks the availability of various food items at regular intervals and orders food online/ sends an alert to user’s Smartphone.

  1. Refrigerator will check for the availability of items at a scheduled time of the day.
  2. A list would be made for the items to be purchased. This would be then add all the items
  3. to the cart of a particular app that provides the facility of ordering food items online.

Project Title : Smart Helmet with security lock for bike ignition 820 Techno-Aid
Team Members: Ayushi Singh, Mridul Khetarpal, Supriya, Kirti Chandra, Kavita Sharma

Project Title : Home Automation Water level controller & indicator
Team Members: Priyam , Ayush Rawat, Vikas

Project Title : Smart Green House System
Team Members: DishaVerma, Ankit Jindal, Anita MC

Project Title : STELA
Team Members: Aneshka,Anjali,Saima                                          Objective: in this project present a survey report on how students can use the IoT sensors in an academic environment with the advancement in sensor hardware technology, cost effective highly sustainable sensors are expected to be attached to all objects around us, so these objects can communicate with each other with minimum human intervention and also make them to aid us in an efficient method for developing the skills and accessing the progress of students in colleges and schools which may reduce the burden of faculties.

Project Title : ERP based System for Teaching Learning and Assessment
Team Members: Tanya,Monika,Ankita                                            Objective:  This framework presents a perspective on the current teaching-learning and feedback  system by proposing an ERP based System for  Teaching  Learning and Assessment that can be further developed to perform smart analysis and integrate different learning methodologies into the existing system.