MAP & Innovation lab is an initiative of design and innovation centre sponsored by Ministry Of Human resource Development , Govt. Of  India. It facilitates resources and environment to the researchers and students seeking technical help for the implementation of their self directed projects with innovative ideas. IGDTUW is linked with IIT Delhi as its hub institute in the Design And Innovation Centre program. Diversity of student projects and growing research activities needs the laboratory enhancement and resources to our existing prototyping facilities.
In Innovators lab students can work according their convenience , can take guidance and help from research fellows and experts in order to overcome the work challenges to complete their project. The lab here consists of various prototype development machines like 3D printing and laser cutting machine that can rapidly cut any 2D patterns from a variety of materials including wood , plastic ,etc. Lab also facilitates design and development of various type of PCB and boards with its soldering station. Here we also facilitates various types of SOCs like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, snapdragon and 8051 etc. We also allow other department students and facilities to build their innovative products by helping them in all possible way.